Do not use this page unless instructed to do so by a UCLA Health support provider who has given you the required session key to enter below. If you need technical assistance, please contact your HelpDesk.

Bomgar is a tool that allows a UCLA Health IT support person to access a client's computer remotely. This allows the support person to see exactly what you see on your computer monitor(s) and, with your permission, share control of your mouse and keyboard with you. All session traffic is encrypted to protect your system's data, and you can end the session at any time. When the session ends, the Bomgar software will automatically be deleted from your computer.

During a Bomgar support session, your support person will share your view of your monitor, so before starting the session, we strongly recommend that you close all applications showing confidential data, and close all files of a personal nature or unrelated to the issue being diagnosed.

To begin your Bomgar support session, enter the session key given to you by the UCLA Health IT support person, then click Submit. Your browser will prompt you to download and run a small application, then you'll see a Bomgar chat window, where you accept the request to share your screen.

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